Reference customers

Through the different modules, Travelize has solutions for different kind of tour operators, from small coach and flight tour operators, through large and multinational operators, to destination and incoming companies.

Hyllinge Buss

Hyllinge Buss sells traditional round trip tours with coach as well as operating a coach shuttle to Spain during the summer months. On line reservation was a key issue when Hyllinge decided to change its reservation system to Travelize. Clients where increasingly asking for the possibility to book on line. With only 4 employees and almost 15 000 travellers a year, on line reservation could reduce the work load and make the company ever more efficient. In record time Travelize was installed and Hyllinge was up and running in less than 3 days. In addition to Travelize booking and content management, Hyllinge Buss uses automatic seating of all passengers.

Perssons Resor

Perssons Resor is a part of the Björks and Byberg company group and is a Swedish coach tour operator that offers tours to destinations in Europe.

InShape Travel


Nordic Invasion


NILLES REJSER has developed rapidly over the past 60 years. Since 2007 they offer web booking through Travelize including all kind of back office administration including coach seating. The entire web site is also built on Travelize content management solution.

Merlot Reiser

Merlot Reiser is a Norwegian tour operator specialised in biking tours predominantly to France. Merlot Reiser uses Travelize web publishing, package booking and dynamic booking for additional nights to the standard packages.

Event Travel

Event Travel offers packages with event and accommodation to attractive events around the world with customers from all over the world.

Check Point Travel

Check Point Travel is a Danish tour operator specialised in overseas travel to Far East, USA and South America.

Ans Rejser

Ans Rejser is a Danish tour operator with 3 different brands using Travelize multi site solution to efficiently handle the 3 different brands in one system.

Norske Bygdeopplevelser

Norske Bygdeopplevelser offers bike tours, hiking trips and ski trips in Norway.

Temareiser Fredrikstad

Temareiser Fredrikstad offers tours in the areas of art, history, culture and music.


Danish tour operator specialised in northern Cyprus and Istanbul.

Ørslev Rejser

Ørslev Rejser is a Danish couch operator. They have an external Content management system and use Travelize booking system to administrate and sell their tours on their site.

Olssons Buss


Scandjet is a fast growing seat consolidator working with flights from Scandinavia to Croatia. During the summer months Scandjet have weekly departures from Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Gothenburg to several destinations in Croatia. The seats are mainly sold through smaller tour operators but a growing segment are direct reservations on line. Above 90% of reservations are made through agents or web customers through the website. Scandjet has been able to increase the number of seats and destinations without employing more staff.

Go Alpin

Go Alpin is a Swedish tour operator that offers ski tours and has grown significantly since the start in Travelize a few years ago. They use the booking module as well as the web publishing module.

Jörns Resor

Jörns resor is a well established and traditional coach touroperator in southern Sweden. In 2003 the company changed owner and management and decided to invest in a new booking system. Jörns is among the first smaller coach tour operators to sell online. Jörns is using Travelize booking and content management.

Grand Prix Tours

Danish tour operator specialised in tours to grand prix competitions.

Øster Lindet Rejser

Øster Lindet Rejser is a Danish tour operator with brands within ski, sun, camping, city breaks and motor sport.

Kultur Rejser Europa

Kulturrejser Europa is a Danish tour operator that offer tours to Italy, Spain, France and Portugal. They use an external Content Management System and use Travelize to administrate and sell their tours.

Hallens Buss


Easton Golf

Easton Golf is the most successful golf tour operator in Sweden. Easton also belongs to the most profitable tour operators in Sweden. Using Travelize to present golf courses, hotels and packages.

Croatia Yacht Club

Croatian Yacht Club uses Travelize web publishing and booking system to administrate their boat charter packages in Croatia. They work with the multi language and currency module and offers information in five different languages; English, Norwegian, Sweden, Finland and Italy.

Spitsbergen Travel


Scandorama AB is one of the leading coach tour operators in Sweden. Together with Ölvemarks Holiday, Scandorama services more than 50 000 passangers per year. Scandorama uses Travelize booking, content management and enterprise solution.





Arenabussen is a part of the Björks and Byberg company group and offers bus packages to concerts and other events in Sweden.

Gislev Rejser

Gislev Rejser is one of the most well established tour operators in Denmark offering a versatile range of coach and flight tours. Travelize was selected due to its full and seamless integration between reservation, content management and CRM functionality as well as its reporting, seating and similar functionalities.


Bornholm tours offers summer houses on Bornholm in different currencies and in German, Danish and English. In addition to summer houses, Bornholmtours also sells hotel accommodation. Bornholmtours uses Travelize package and dynamic booking, multicurrency and multilanguage and web publishing. An API integration to the the ferry system used by the dominant ferry company has also been developed for Bornholmtours where the client can make the ferry reservation seamlessly while booking the accommodation.

Tide Reiser

Tide Reiser is a major operator in the Norwegian travel industry. They offer tours with boat and coach in the beautiful Norwegian landscape with clients from around the world. Tide Reiser use Travelize multi language on the new web platform as well as the new graphical calendar booking for quick booking of packages.


Swedish coach tour operator.

Iventus Travel

Swedish tour operator focusing on tours to Russia and other former Soviet countries.

Björcks Busstrafik

Björcks Busstrafik is a Swedish couch operator. They have an external Content management system and uses Travelize booking system to administrate and sell their tours on their site.

Bromölla Buss

Swedish coach tour operator.

Peer Gynt Tours


Tyrkia Reiser started its operation in 2004 and has had a impressive growth in Norway and Sweden since. Tyrkiareiser is using multilanguage and multicurrency functions to efficiently sell on the same hotel allocation in different countries and manage multiple web sites.

Byberg & Nordin Busstrafik

Swedish coach tour operator.


Orkla Reiser

Akademisk Rejsebureau


Sør-Vest reiser

Bus operator in Stavanger with many years on the Norwegian market. They use Travelize package booking and Content management.


Kroatienspecialisten is specialised on tours and accommodation in Croatia. They have been operating for the past 10 years and from 2007 they offer a web site where all tours can be booked through Travelize booking and content management solutions.

Best Travel

Best Travel is a major Danish tour operator with a large alpine programme, city breaks, cruise and other package tours. With Travelize they operate web site, reservation and back office administration in one system. Best tours are presented on external meta search engines and information is also exported directly to ferry lines and similar.


Turkietresor is a Swedish charter tour operator that had a very successful start with a good market share to Turkey. Turkietresor is part of Tyrkiareíser and used Travelize mutlicurrency and multilanguage to mirror all the tours produced in Norway into Swedish prices and Swedish departure cities while sharing the same allotment and with a minimum of labour. Turkietresor uses package booking, dynamic booking and web publishing together with the multicurrency and multilanguage modules.

Klingenberg Rejser

Klingenberg Rejser is a Danish coach tour operator.

Quality Travel

Quality Travel is a Swedish tour operator with its main focus on skiing trips to Andorra. Quality Travel uses Travelize booking system and web publishing system.

Exodus Resor

Exodus Resor Swedish tour operator with several years of group travels to historical destinations in the world. They are among other things arranging congregation tours and student tours.

Prima Travel

Prima Travel is the leading hiking and biking tour operator in Sweden. Prima Travel offers tours all over Europe and also offers a small winter ski program. Prima Travel receives over 60 % of its bookings via Internet. The company is run by the owner and one part time employee and manages over 4000 clients a year.


Jomfrureiser is a small tour operator targeting female singles. The target group travels with Jomfru to be able to travel together with other females. Jomfrureiser sells primarily on the Norwegian market but has ambitions to expand its business to Sweden and Finland.

Aller Travel

Sohlberg Resor


Lapoint Camps


Destination operator with own railway in Northern Sweden. Inlandsbanan goes från Kristinehamn to Gällivare. The company uses Travelize booking with extra functions for railway handling.


Resemakaren is one of Travelize first customers. The owner had been looking for a reservation system during several years which could handle a more complex packaging than those systems present on the market. Travelize had those functions and after a short start up period they achieved an Internet booking rate of 30% from the total number of bookings. In 2004 the company has increased sales substantially. From 2005 more than 50% of the reservations are made directly by online customers.

Isaksson Karlsson

Swedish coach tour operator.

African Tours & Safaris

African Tours is a Swedish client using Travelize booking and web publishing systems. African Tours offers a wide selection of tours to Africa.


Europas rejser is a Danish tour operator specialised in city breaks.


M-Travel is a Norwegian tour operator whose focus is on training camps and charter tours to Turkey. M-Travel is using Travelize booking system and web publishing system to manage and sell their tours.

Geiranger Fjordservice

Geiranger Fjordservice provides tours to Geiranger and offers car and bicycle hire and can additionally provide transport and guides, plus various adventure activities.

Lotus travel

Lotus Travel is a Swedish client that uses Travelize booking system. They offer tours to many Asian countries but mainly China.

Scanbalt Experience

Panter Rejser

Panter Rejser is a Danish coach tour operator. Using Travelize booking and responsive website framework


Kulturresor Europa

Rødne Fjord Cruise

Ölvemarks Holiday

Ölvemarks Holiday AB is one of the leading coach tour operators in Sweden. Together with Scandorama Ölvemarks Holiday services more than 50 000 passangers per year. Ölvemarks Holiday uses Travelize booking, content management and enterprise solution.