• Croatia Yacht Club launches mobile web in several languages

    Croatia Yacht Club launches mobile web sites in English, Swedish and Norwegian built on Travelize mobile platform. Please visit, and

  • Scandorama and Ölvemarks new clients

    Scandorama and Ölvemarks have selected Travelize for booking and web site publishing. For almost ten years, they have developed and hosted an in-house system. But with ever increasing demand for cost efficiency and functionality, they have decided to use Travelize instead. "With Travelize we have received a top modern and efficient booking system. Our market environment is more and more demanding. With Travelize we have received knowledge and systems to be on top of the market requirements." says P O Svensson at Ölvemarks. Please visit and

  • Turistrejser new client

    Turistrejser is a Danish client with package tours to Cyprus and Istanbul. Turistrejser uses Travelize booking with integration to an external content managemenet system. Please visit

  • Launching platform for mobile booking and web

    We are now launching a brand new platform for mobile booking and websites. Mobile browsing is increasing with 250 % per annum. Soon it is expected to be more visitors from mobile units than from desktop computers. Booking engine and web pages are responsively designed - you will give all your visitors a user friendly welcome, independent of device and screen size. With a minimum of extra administration. Read more about the new mobile platform here »

  • Bromölla Buss and Bussapågarna new clients

    The coach operators Bromölla Buss and Bussapågarna are new clients that offer round trips in all of Europe. They work in the same Travelize system and use the Multi-site module to administrate two websites in one single system. The websites are in other words separated while travel resources, customer database and more are shared. Please visit and for more inspiration!

  • Chilla Travel new client

    Chilla Travel & Yacht Charter Tours is a new Swedish client that specializes on boat rentals in Croatia. They also arrange group sailing tours and offer accommodation in lighthouses on the Croatian cost. Please visit for more inspiration!

  • Rødne Fjord Cruise new client

    Rødne Fjord Cruise is a new Norwegian client that among other things offers sightseeing tours to Lysefjorden and the Pulpit Rock. They use an external CMS but handle bookings and administration in Travelize. Please visit for more inspiration!

  • Launch of updated web sites for Travelize

    Today we have updated the design of our websites and also introduced och for our Finnish and Spanish speaking markets. In total seven language areas are supported. The pages have been built according to Responsive Web Design concept, i.e. the layout is automatically adjusting depending on visitors browser. In this way the pages should be easy to read and navigate regardless if the visitor uses a mobile, a surf device or size of the browser window. Please send us your feedback!

  • JÖRNs resor launches new website

    JÖRN's resor launches new website based on our newest web publishing platform. JÖRN's are using our new guide function which allows you to tag a guide to a certain trip and display that in the process of booking. Please visit for more inspiration.

  • Reiselyst new client

    Reiselyst is a new Norwegian client who specialize in cruises and customized tours. Please visit for more inspiration.

  • Grupo Travel new client

    Grupo Travel is a new client that is part of a multi company solution together with Etnia Tours and Veo-buss. They use Travelize to administrate and sell their tours and publish information on their websites. Please visit for more inspiration!

  • Easton Golf launches new web site

    Easton Golf upgrades to our most recent web publishing platform and makes a few design improvements when launching their new site. Make sure to visit for more inspiration!

  • Blå Tåget new client

    Blå Tåget (the Blue Train) is a new company in the Swedish train transportation market that began to operate the route Gothenburg-Uppsala on December 11th 2011. Their main focus is providing a first class experience and they are successfully using the Travelize web publishing system and reservation system. The booking flow is special developed for them in order to make it as easy as possible to book their tickets. Please visit for inspiration!

  • Lejonresor launches new website

    Lejonresor launches new website to match their new and improved graphical profile. Please visit for more inspiration.

  • M-Travel new client

    M-Travel is a new client whose focus is on training camps and charter tours to Turkey. M-Travel is using Travelize booking system and web publishing system to manage and sell their tours. Please visit for more inspiration!

  • Shore Excursions new client

    Shore Excursions is a new Norwegian client that primarily sells day tours in Norway. They use Travelize booking and web publishing system. Please visit for more inspiration!

  • Quality Travel new client

    Quality Travel is a Swedish tour operator with its main focus on skiing trips to Andorra. Quality Travel uses Travelize booking system and web publishing system. Please visit for more inspiration!

  • Check Point Travel new client

    Check Point Travel in Århus is a new client using Travelize booking and content management. Check Point is part of a multicompany solution including also Kultur-rejser and Portugalbyrået. Please visit for inspiration (web site in Danish only).

  • Nilles launches new web site

    Nilles has launched a new website built on our latest publishing platform. Please visit for more inspiration (website in Danish only).

  • Klingenberg new client

    Klingenberg Rejser is a new client using Travelize booking and content management. Please see for further information (website in Danish only).