1. Increased sales

  • A clear majority want to book outside of normal office hours. Travelize ensures that your customers are able to book how, when and where there wan to. Your travel shop is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

  • Powerful integrated sales tools. Brochure requesting integrated with your booking system gives you the opportunity to manage your customer group both effectively and cheaply. An advanced e-mail marketing function is available, integrated with the booking system.

  • Customers who book themselves order 47% more extra services.

2. Increased productivity

  • Booking systems, home page and administration all in one system. You collate information in one place and avoid any duplication of work.

  • The customers book their own travel arrangements on-line. You save time and human resources.

  • Ability to send confirmations, invoices and travel documents electronically.

3. Better customer service

  • In excess of 63 % want to book their travel arrangements through the internet (source Netsurvey). Travelize facilitates this.

  • 93 % of consumers that booked with Travelize regard the procedure as "very simple". The rest regard it as "simple".

  • The majority want to book outside normal business hours.

4. Increased profitability

  • Lower staff costs due to simplified booking. We have examples where customers have reduced staff costs by 50 %.

  • More effective sales. You gain a better overview and more powerful tools with which to manage your target group.

  • There is no hardware investment requirement in order to use Travelize.

  • You can grow and expand with the system without having to invest in costly upgrades.

  • Support and upgrades are included which provides a simpler cost structure.

  • All-in-one system eliminates duplication of work.

5. Experience

  • Here at Travelize we are not just skilled programmers working with modern database and web programming, but moreover have significant experience from leading positions in the travel industry.

  • We have carried out forensic studies of many different types of booking systems and have implemented booking systems in more than 20 countries. This, in combination with the experience we have of the factors that drive profitability and sales in the travel industry are reflected in a unique manner by the functions of the Travelize system.

  • Travelize is used today by some 150 operators and by more than 3000 users, which contribute to our continual competence growth.

6. Simpler administration

  • Utilises e-mail handling for booking confirmations, reminders, etc.

  • Automated checks for customer payments and integrated credit card payment facility

  • Portals to suppliers. Transmission of rooming lists, transport lists etc via e-mail in order to save time and cost. Alternatively allow the supplier to manage it themselves in the system.

  • OCR functionality. Travelize is configured to receive OCR files. Full OCR integration is available as an extra feature.

  • Work where you are - all the administration is effected through the web interface.

7. Flexibility and scaleability

  • The system handles package tours, hotel- or flight-only bookings, varied lengths of schedules and tailor-made travel arrangements, connects to GDS, low-cost airlines and hotel and car rental companies as required.

  • Travelize is build upon modules. You may simply add new modules at the same rate as your business grows or changes.

  • It is easy to connect new users or a complete new office location.

  • Regardless of whether you grow quickly or need to reduce your activities, it remains easy to do so woth Travelize. You will not need to change a server or any other harware for example.

8. Integrated home page

  • You receive an attractive home page which is easily-navigable and that is simple to book from. All the relevant information that you have within the booking system is utilised. There is no duplication of work and there is always correct real-time information on display.

  • You are able to update and change the content all by yourself, just as you wish. No special skills are required.

9. Building on future technology

  • Travelize is completely web based and enables simple, fast adjustments to new functions.

  • Upgradings are included as part of the package. We maintain a high tempo in the development of the system. You can count on being first in line for new, smart functions.

  • No programme installations are required on your computers.

  • We take care of all of the updates.

10. Support

  • Personal human support every day of the year between 08:00 and 23:00.

  • On-line manual available directly through each function in the system.

  • Search function for all previously-logged support cases

  • Smart search functions for help and FAQs in our support centre.


Here We Go Sport Travel new client


Here We Go Sport Travel is a new client using Travelize booking with an integrated responsive website. They also use our new module for tailor made tours. For football tickets the end client can select match and ticket types as well as book hotel nights at the match time. For golf, Here We Go present a sample package and the end client can add more nights, more green fees, book rental car (with dynamic duration pricing) as well as other additions. Please visit herewego.se for more inspiration (website in Swedish).

Temareiser launches new website


Temareiser Fredrikstad launches a new website built on Travelize latest template of responsive website fully integrated with the booking system. Among new features they have a horisontal booking engine with multi-select functions, search results are displayed in a new graphical format, images are large and a central part of the design, menus are kept to a minimum and instead a nice presentation of the different tours are made on-page with pictures. Please see temareiserfredrikstad.no for more inspiration (website in Norwegian).

Discover Norway launches new website


Discover Norway launches a new website built on Travelize's latest template of responsive website fully integrated with the booking system. Among new features they have a horisontal booking engine with multi-select functions, search results are displayed in a new graphical format, images are large and a central part of the design. Discover Norway sells in English, German and Norwegian with the Travelize multi language module. Please see discover-norway.no for more inspiration.

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Through the different modules, Travelize has solutions for different kind of tour operators, from small coach and flight tour operators, through large and multinational operators, to destination and incoming companies.

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