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Sell tours more efficiently

Travelize is a one-stop software solution enabling the travel industry to sell tours efficiently, provide a consistent high level of customer service and simple back office administration. All without the need for significant financial investment.

One single web system

We have integrated real-time reservation software, booking systems, web publication, accounting and administration into one single integrated system. This eliminates any duplication of work and guarantees correct up-to-date information across the board. Travelize offer proven standardised systems created to benefit tour operators.

Better service and more sales

Did you know that clients booking by themselves on the Web purchase 47% more profitable optional extra services, and that 61% make their reservations outside office hours if they are able, and that the majority of bookings are created on a Sunday afternoon, that an online booking facility fully integrated in the corporate website enhances the company trademark? We know. And we know how to give small and medium sized operators a sharp competitive edge based on this.

176 tour operators, 2 705 users in 10 languages.


Kroatienspecialisten launches new website and charter booking

Kroatienspecialisten launches new website with our latest charter booking engine. The website uses several of our new functions for image handling and similar. The booking engine provides mutliple filtering options, easy navigation to earlier / later dates and stylish display of hotel with attributes, images etc. Please visit for inspiration (website in Swedish).

Feriespesialisten new client

Feriespesialisten is new client with package booking and integrated website. Please for inspiration (website in Norwegian)!

M Travel launches new website

M Travel launches new website build on one of our standard platforms with integrated package booking. Please visit for inspiration (website in Norwegian)!

System news

Automatic display of roomtypes per hotel on website

Functions to automatically display images and texts for room types per hotel on website.

New handling of top image from destination in booking engine

New handling of top image from destination in booking engine. Enables a better looking booking engine.

Connect customer categories per product type

New possibility to connect customer categories on product types for efficient marketing. All customers with bookings within the product type will automatically be connected to the corresponding categories. Together with Paloma newsletter system, the lists will be automatically updated.


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