Multi-lingual and multi-corporate version

Multi-lingual version

  • Sell travel in several countries with entire or partial allotments

  • Sell in another market without having to create new production

  • Advanced pricing systems

  • Dynamic translation of texts applicable to individual bookings

The entire system is available in English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and German. The booking system is additionally available in Faeroese, Icelandic, Croatian, Serbian and Portuguese. If you have a requirement for other languages, these can be easily added in that we manage languages separately to the application itself.


Multi-corporate version

Several companies or departments that need to administrate their resources themselves use this. Contact us for an in-depth description of the special functionality afforded in this version. Examples of customers using this are the Norwegian Svalbard Reiseliv wherein all the activity providers at Svalbard have their own part of the system that they work on, and the destination operator steers all requests and bookings through a common website. øster Lindet Rejser under whose umbrella are gathered Europas Storbyferie, Skikompagniet, Thinggard, Grand Prix Tours, Young Fun Tours use this version in order to be able to share allotments on transports and hotels, but with each company maintaining its own management and to a certain extent by different people.


These modules are extra modules

Booking package tours and dynamic packaging of travel products

Booking of package tours, dynamic packaging of travel products. online booking for end customer, agents

Mobile booking and web page

Mobile booking and web page

Travel production

Travel production in back office is an integrated part of Travelize web solution for the travel industry

Web publishing

Web publication completely integrated with travel bookings for tour operators, incoming agents, cabin letting agencies, and other travel trade actors

Finance Back Office

Finance function with integrated OCR and credit card payment facility for travel booking is an important part of Travelize

Reports, Back Office

Reports are an important part of the Travelize Back Office section

Agent bookings and effective supplier handling

Agent booking and effective supplier collaboration an integrated part of Travelize web solution for travel. Suppliers able to log in and update allotmetns, etc. Agents book directly through the system

Customer Administration

Customer Administration or CRM is an important part in the travel sales process. Travlize has a number of functions specifically designed for effective online travel sales

Marketing of travel and tours

Marketing of tours with newsletters, advanced discount rules, XML export of bookings , etc are all handled by Travelize marketing module

Gift card module

Web client can buy gift card on the website on any preferred amount. The gift card, with a secure webcode, is sent automatically as soon as it has been paid. Upon booking a tour the customer can enter the webcode and it is checked for validity and automatically used. Gift card can also be used from My Booking.

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