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Business idea

Vitec Travelize AB develop and market business systems for the travel industry. Systems that through their usage generate more sales opportunities whilst at the same time optimise the administrative workload, including out-of-office web-based access to the application. When used correctly the Internet offers rich potential for growth within the travel industry: we always focus on the application's functionality, not allowing ourselves to be blinded by the technology alone. Client feedback enables us to enhance the continual improvement and development of the application.

Developed in Sweden for the international market

Travelize's highly skilled support and development staff is based in Sweden. The currently workforce is complied of ten employees with subconsultants in Scandinavia and Sri Lanka. Focus is on the international market and Travelize supports more than 3000 users among 150 travel companies in more than 15 countries.

Business focus

Our focus is entirely on the business advantage, the simplification of administration, the ability to sell effectively, provide information and to enable bookings at the clients' convenience. We use the internet and programming technology, but the business process is always more important than just the technology itself.


The management has extensive, deep and wide-ranging experience from the travel industry and has actively worked with and studied reservation systems in different countries. This has given us a unique opportunity to create user-friendly, yet advanced and flexible solutions to support complex travel industry needs.

Margareta Maxwell took over as CEO the 16 Jan 2023 from our founder and former CEO Anders Johansson. Margareta has previously worked as CFO for Elite Hotels in Gothenburg and RK Travel Group, a wholesaler for package tours, she has also worked as Travel Agency Manager för British Airways Travel Shops in Belfast. 

  • Highest Credit worthiness - UC AB Sverige
  • AAA - Highest Credit worthiness - Bisnode

Strong financial position, bonding for the future

Travelize maintain the highest possible level of credit rating with Sweden's leading credit rating institute.

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