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  • Unlimited number of agents and users per agency

  • Messaging function for agents

  • Agent invoice or customer invoice with requisite deductions

  • Profiles can be created per agent defining what they can do, commission rates and so forth

  • Agent's own microsite


  • Suppliers register

  • Ability to automatically generate and send requests that supplier can confirm directly in the system

  • Supplier can gain access to their reports through the system

  • Suppliers invoices can be registered, status managed for payment, accounting, VAT reporting and so forth

  • Suppliers can be allowed access in order to specify allotments themselves, set sales stop, etc.

  • Automatic requests can be sent

  • News

    Gränslösa resor new client


    Gränslösa Resor is a new Swedish client with latest web platform with integrated responsive booking. Please see granslosaresor.se for inspiration.

    Skan Rejsernew Danish client


    Skan Rejser is a new Danish customer with full website and responsive booking. Please see skanrejser.dk for inspiration.

    Kanalbuss new Swedish client


    Kanalbuss is a new Swedish customer with full website and responsive booking. Please seea href='https://www.kanalbuss.se' target='_blank'>kanalbuss.se for inspiration.

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    Through the different modules, Travelize has solutions for different kind of tour operators, from small coach and flight tour operators, through large and multinational operators, to destination and incoming companies.

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