Mobile optimised booking and web page

Mobile browsing is increasing with 250 % per annum. Soon it is expected to be more visitors from mobile units than from desktop computers.

Mobile devices have completely different and new requirements for user friendliness. Responsive design adapting the size and form to the visitor's device, simple pages with large links are some of the key success factors.

To make it simple to welcome users from mobile devices, we have developed a platform for both mobile publishing and booking.

Visit a mobile web site (you can visit from a desktop computer as well)!

Responsive web design

Responsive web design gives a user friendly page for small mobile screens through surf pads to large desktop screens.

The visitor does not need to zoom or scroll to read and find the content.

Text, pictures, connections to tours etc are the same as for the desktop web - more or less no extra administration is required for the mobile platform.

Menu for mobile formats

The menu will adapt and work completely different depending on screen size.

For larger screens such as iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab it will be a drop-down menu. For smaller screens, the entire main menu will be collapsed and expanded with a click for a mobile menu.

Search as an integrated part of the navigation

Mobiles have less space for menu and links. Search is therefore more important for the navigation. A smart search function is always easy to reach.

Booking on the mobile device, or let the mobile phone to book

If the client wants to phone and book, this is just one click away. Alternatively, the client books through the responsively designed booking engine. The booking engine can be tailored further for special design and customised booking flow.

A brand new booking engine

The booking engine is not only responsive and mobile adopted. In addition it has many new features for additions, instant price calculation and similar which have been requested frequently among our 150 + tour operators.

For the past ten years we have constantly added new features to our current booking engine. With this new booking engine we introduce a brand new design and easily adaptable booking engine. Contact us to get a demo, or test it at

New interface for customer pages

The My Bookings section has also got a brand new design.

Your customers can log in to all bookings and will be welcomed with a nice design.

Many standard templates for the mobile web site


Throughout the page your phone number is clickable and the mobile will phone you. Ipads and similar without a phone, can use Skype. The contact form is responsive.

Brochure order

The brochure order is also responsive.

Other pages

Destination pages, category pages and similar have additional functions to expand and collapse extra text. Wherever tours are connected, they will be shown for easy booking through phone or web.

Contact us now to be able to welcome all mobile visitors!


Viby Buss new client


Viby Buss is a new Swedish customer using Travelize package booking and integrated website. Viby Buss uses Klarna for fully automated payment process. Please see for inspiration.

Röke Buss new client


Röke Buss is a new Swedish customer using Travelize package booking and integrated website. Röke Buss uses Dibs Easy for fully automated payment process. Please see for inspiration.

Future Travel new client


Future Travel is a new client with booking and integrated website in Travelize. Future Travel sells package golf tours and uses Dibs Easy for fully integrated and automised payment. See for inspiration.

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Through the different modules, Travelize has solutions for different kind of tour operators, from small coach and flight tour operators, through large and multinational operators, to destination and incoming companies.

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