• Exodus Resor new client

    Exodus Resor is a new Swedish client with several years of group travels to historical destinations in the world. They are among other things arranging congregation tours and student tours. Please visit

  • new client
    2011-01-15 is a new client within the Thinggaard group of companies. The group uses Travelize multicompany solution for booking and content mangement for, as well as (websites in Danish).

  • Go Alpin launches new website.

    Go Alpin has launched a new website built on our latest platform. Please see for further information (website in Swedish only).

  • African Tours new client

    African Tours is a new client now launching booking and web publishing based on Travelize. African Tours offers a wide selection of tours to Africa. Please see for more information (web site in Swedish only).

  • launches new website
    2010-08-23 launches a new webiste built on our latest publishing platform. In addition to a new graphical design, all URLs can be completely tailored for visitors and search engines. Several other technical improvements have also been built into the new website. When the booking is opened for the winter season, about 15 % of the seasons total capacity is booked within the first hours with high requirements on load handling and display of what is still available. Please see for inspiration (website in Swedish only).

  • New client:
    2010-08-15 is a new Danish client with booking and website in Travelize. Please visit for inspiration.

  • New system for Viva Italia

    A new solution has been developed which enables multiple websites in the same system without handling those as different companies as in the enterprise version of the system. The websites can have totally different graphical designs and booking flow. Viva Italia utilizes this for and with several synergies.

  • Bornholmtours launches new website

    A new website has been launched for Bornholmtours on our latest publishing platform. In addition to new geographical sales regions that have been added for Norway and Poland, several technical improvements have been made. Among others page links can be totally optimised for search engines and visitors and the search tools have been optimised for the volume of objects offered.

  • Kroatienspecialisten launches new website

    Kroatienspecialisten has launched a new website based on our latest publishing platform. Among the technical advantages optimisation of page links (URL) have been done. Please see for inspiration.

  • Croatian Villas has launched new website with new advanced search facilities

    Croatian Villas has launched a new website based on our newest content management platform with improved links and language handling. For Croatian Villas we have also developed new search, filtering and display functions for villa presentation. Visit for more inspiration.

  • Event Travel new client

    Event Travel has launched booking and website based on Travelize. Facilitated by our newest content management platform they have significantly improved links for search engine optimisation and user friendlyness. All links from old system are automatically redirected to the corresponding page in Travelize making the transfer seamless. In addition to normal allocation handling on rooms, transports and similar, Event also uses allocation on options to handle different ticket categories and similar. Please visit for more inspiration.

  • Air Finland launches Swedish website

    Based on our multilanguage module, AirFinland has now launched sales in Swedish as well on the same domain as the Finnish sales. Language handling is totally handled by the URL, such as leads to an entire Swedish system, leads to a Finnish. Please visit for more inspiration (website in Swedish and Finnish only).

  • Citadellresor new client

    Citadellresor has launched booking and website based on Travelize standard package for booking and content management. Please see for more information (website in Swedish only).

  • Iventus Travel new client

    Iventus Travel has launched booking and website based on Travelize standard package for booking and content management. Please see for more information (website in Swedish only).

  • New Finnish client - Air Finland - launched during travel trade fair Matka in Helsinki.

    We welcome Air Finland as a new Finnish client. A new web site with full a full charter program to Greece and Spain among other destinations is launched.

    Air Finland selected Travelize based on the unique integration between web site content, efficient booking and back office administration. Finnish is one of the more than 10 language versions offered for Travelize other include English, German, Spanish as well as all Scandinavian languages.

    Please visit for more inspiration.

  • Launch of first Bulgarian client

    We welcome Traventuria as our first Bulgarian client. Traventuria offers activities and tours in Bulgaria to the world market. Please visit for more inspiration, the website is in English.

  • Carpe Diem Travel new client

    Carpe Diem is a Norwegian client focusing on singles travelling together. They have launched the new website with fully integrated booking. Carpe Diem is part of the rapid growing Escape Travel and facilitated by our enterprise module they can work as an independent company while still sharing resources within the company group. See for more inspiration (website in Norwegian only).

  • Croatia Yacht Club launches new web site

    Croatian Yacht Club has launched a new website for the sales of their boat charter packages in Croatia. They work with three different web sites for marketing in the international market, Norway and Sweden. Please visit, and for ideas.

  • Grand Nordic launches new web site

    Grand Nordic has launched a new web site build on Travelize new web platform. Packages and tickets are sold in English, German and Swedish facilitated by our multi-language module. Please see for more inspiration.

  • New booking interface launched on Best Travel

    The new charter booking engine has now been launched on The end client can see the total price including different kind of discounts and advanced combinations of room selections in one click. For Best Travel we have also integrated an API connection to several ski resorts where price and availability is collected and bookings are made seamlessly integrated into this new booking engine. Please see for more inspiration (website in Danish only).