• First client in Thailand

    Our first Thai client has launched renting villas in Thailand. The clients are international with website in English, Swedish and Finnish supported by our multi-language module. Please see for further information.

  • Movement Travel launches new web

    Danish Movement Travel has launched a new website based on our new platform to the release of the Winter sales season. Please visit for additional information (website in Danish).

  • New Mexican client

    We are pleased to welcome Veobus as our second live client in Mexico. Veobus offers weekend packages from Mexico City to about 30 hotels in Acapulco on with booking and web publishing from Travelize.

    Travelize provides full Spanish version of booking engine and all back office administration as well as user manual.

  • new client

    The well-known Danish tour operator has today launched a new booking interface based on Travelize booking system. The booking interface is tailor made for and has been developed in close co-operation between and Travelize. - I have shown this to everyone with any interest in it and everyone agrees that this is the best booking interface seen, says Inge Thorup, process manager at

    All logics for child, senior, campaign and other discounts together with an intuitive way to present when tours are available have been integrated into the booking interface where families and parties can book up to three different rooms on one booking. All the requirements from have been implemented successfully and Inge concludes that "never during the 25 years I have spent with I have experienced such a good co-operation with a supplier". is the oldest tour operator in Denmark and one of the largest tour operators with major holiday premises on Malta. evaluated a long range of systems from different European countries before Travelize was selected.

    Please visit for more inspiration (in Danish only).

  • Stockholm Adventures new client

    Stockholm Adventures sell adventure tours around Stockholm and takes advantage of the strong interest to spend vacation in Sweden. The founder has a long experience as managing director for Äventyrsresor, a tour operator focusing on outbound adventure tours from Sweden, but now sees the trend for inbound tourism to his home area.

    The entire site and booking is in English and Swedish to provide service to both foreign and domestic customers. The entire site is easily managed in Travelize publishing system totally integrated with the booking and administration of the tours.

    Please visit for more inspiration.

  • EastonGolf launches new web site

    EastonGolf has launched a new web site based on Travelize new publishing platform. The design has been developed by our web designer in close co-operation with EastonGolf to give the look and feel requested. In addition to new design, EastonGolf is taking advantage of several improved technical solutions for search engine optimization, including URL rewriting so the page address contains the most important search words.

    Please visit for more inspiration (web site in Swedish only).

  • Gourmet Travel new client

    Gourmet Travel offers tours where food and pleasure go hand in hand to destinations such as Piemonte, Alsace and South Africa. Gourmet Travel uses Travelize booking, administration and content management.

    Gourmet Travel has also a close cooperation with the leading food magazine in Sweden, Mat och Vänner, and publish a separate web site for the magazine with a separate design and a selection of tours. Gourmet Travel uses travel enterprise solution to manage multiple sites and manages design and content for the different sites in one system.

    Gourmet Travel is part of the Hummingbird travel group where also Prima Travel and Croatian Yacht Club reside. Both Prima travel and Croatia Yacht Club use Travelize since long for booking, web publishing and administration. Please visit,, and for more inspiration (Several web sites in Swedish only).

  • Major interest for our solutions during the Tur-fair

    The number of trade visitors increased slightly at this year's Tur-fair. We are very glad to double the visitors on our stand and can conclude that when times are shaky, it is more important than ever to have well proven and efficient solutions for web sales and administration.

    Thank you all who visited us!
    new and present clients at Tur 2009

    Resemakarn and Grand Nordic try the Mexican buffé

    Ulrika from Jörns Resor entertains Travelize clients

    Travelize was one of the enlightening stands at Tur 2009

    Anders from Travelize in discussion with Erik from Resemakarn and Ulrika from Jörns Resor regarding new features

  • CroatianVillas launches new web site

    CroatianVillas has launched a new web site built on our new platform. Supported by this, search friendly URLs, several integrated SEO tools and an advanced switch for redirecting old URLs to new (301 redirects) are used.

    The solution comes fully integrated with easy accessible booking through calendar functions and search engines. Availability for the villas are taken either internally from the Travelize system or through XML API from Kompas fully determined by rules set up by CroatianVillas.

    Automatic requests are sent to the villa owner with the relevant information including arrival details. The payment process is fully integrated in the booking through SSL encrypted servers and controlled by rules set by CroatianVillas. As soon as the client has paid, the voucher will be sent by e-mail.

    Please visit for more inspiration.

  • New Norwegian theme tour operator goes live

    We say welcome to Temareiser in Fredrikstad which today has launched a new web site with fully integrated booking. Our new web publishing platform is used for search engine optimisation and seamless publishing of tours wherever the customer reads about the famous tour leaders and thrilling themes of the tours.

    Please visit for more inspiration (web site in Norwegian only).

  • Scandjet launches new web site in three language versions

    Scandjet has launched its new website based on our new publishing platform. Clients can book flights from Scandjets own inventory in English, Croatian and Swedish.

    A significant amount of the flight chairs are sold through tour operators also using Travelize booking system. On the new web site, Scandjet has started to sell package tours from these operators where the systems will take care of allotment, automatic commission calculation etc.

    With the new publishing platform, Scandjet takes advantage of features such as search engine optimised URLs, technically separated text and style sheets, simple handling of modular boxes, integrated functions for flash etc.

    Please visit for more information.

  • New seb site for Prima Travel

    Prima Travel has launched a new design of its web site based on our new publishing platform. With the new publishing platform Prima Travel utilises several features for search engine optimisation including search friendly URLs, automatic site map etc.

    Please visit for more inspiration (web site in Swedish only).

  • Escape Travel launched in Sweden

    Escape Travel is now launched on the Swedish market after four successful years with massive growth in Norway.

    Escape is using Travelize in Norway since several years for booking and content management. Supported by our multi currency and multi language modules, Escape handles both countries in the same system with defined access levels and different rules for booking, prices and web templates.

    Please visit and for inspiration (web sites in Swedish and Norwegian only).

  • Tide Reiser launches new web profile: Neste Blåne

    Tide Reiser has launched a major rebranding of its web site. Travelize task has been to implement the new design in co-operation with Bates on Travelize new publishing platform.

    In conjunction with this, Travelize developed a range of new functions such as a new entry from the web pages to the booking engine, advanced banner and dynamic flash handling.

    Please visit for inspiration!

  • New simplified booking in two steps

    Geiranger Fjordservice is a new Norwegian client. They sell a lot of day tours during the summer. During the peak season they sell several boat tours during the day and people often comes minutes before departure. Geiranger needed a simplified booking process to handle many bookings within a very short time span. For Geiranger we have created a booking process where price, child discount and availability is shown in step 1 and number of persons is selected and in next step the booking is confirmed.

  • New e-mail and letter features for supplier communication

    New features have been added for supplier communication. You can easily send out e-mail or letters to all or a selection of suppliers to facilitate quote request and other supplier communication.

  • New web site launched for Croatian expert

    Swedish Kroatienspecialisten has today launched a new web site built on our new publishing platform. An improved graphical profile, easy-to-find bookable tours, search engine friendly URLs, technically validated pages for search engine optimisation are some of the key features. Kroatienspecialisten has now launched its fourth summer season with Travelize. Visit (Swedish web site) for more inspiration.

  • Gold Award for best Tourism and Hospitality solution

    Travelize and SP Solutions won the Gold Award in the Tourism and Hospitality Category at the 10th Anniversary NBQSA (National Best Quality Software Awards) Awards 2008 in Sri Lanka. This was for a customised deployment of the Travelize System for

  • 94 % regard the web to be the most cost efficient marketing investment

    In a new research report from Jupiter Research recited in, 94 % of the participating tour operators rated web advertising to be the best investment during the coming year.

    Search engine optimisation is regarded as the most efficient tool followed by search word advertising.

    In the Travelize platform for web sites you will get efficient tools for search engine optimisation as well as tracking and linking tools for search word advertising. Travelize can also offer consultation regarding search engine optimisation and search word advertising.

  • Automatic request handling for additions

    New functionality has been added that enables the system to send automatic requests also for additions. If several additions for the same supplier are ordered on the same booking, these will be aggregated into one request. Please contact Travelize support if you would like a more detailed instruction to this new function.