• Integration to Realex payment solution

    On request by our UK clients, a new integration to Realex has been done in addition to Dibs, Debitech, QuickPay and Korta. With these payment solutions you will get a seamless integration of credit card payments in the booking process.

  • Best travel launches new web site

    Best travel has launched the new web site build on the new content management platform. Best travel has improved the search engine optimisation through search engine friendly URLs and other measures. They also use the new graphical calendar booking for dynamic packaging of accommodation.

    Please see for more inspiration.

  • We are moving to a larger office

    We have moved to completely newly built office in central Gothenburg right outside the Opera house only a few minutes walk from the central station. On our address the famous Hasselblad cameras were designed and manufactured in the past.

  • Tide Reiser new client

    Tide Reiser is a major operator in the Norwegian travel industry. They offer tours with boat and coach in the beautiful Norwegian landscape with clients from around the world. Tide Reiser use Travelize multi language on the new web platform as well as the new graphical calendar booking for quick booking of packages.

    Please visit for further information.

  • Jörns launches new web site

    Jörns Resor, one of our first clients, has launched a new web site built on our new content management platform. Jörns has improved the search engine optimisation significantly with the new platform.

    See (only Swedish site provided) for more information.

  • New statistical report: selection of electronic confirmation vs. mail.

    There is a large saving potential in reduced work and costs if your clients uses electronic communication. To be able to measure and take relevant actions such as discount or fees, a new report has been added which shows the ratio of electronic versus mail preference among the bookings.

  • Import function to mass inactivate customers from file

    This new import function allows you to import a file with customers to inactivate before sending out brochures or similar. You can have your own staff or an external partner to manage old/inactive addresses in a file and import this file to inactivate all those in the customer database.

  • Reconnect serie of packages to new transports

    A new function is now available where you can connect a serie of packages to new transports. This might be useful if you would like to merge transports for two destinations or similar.

    You can select the packages by projectID, product code and date band.

    In step 2 you will see all the projects selected and their current transport and the new transport and can decide which to reconnect. In step 3 the reconnection will take place and all allotment updated automatically.

  • Search on return date in report for all bookings

    The report for all bookings can now be searched by return date. The search will be on the transports return date if a return transport exist, otherwise it will be on the check out date. Bookings without return date through the return transport or check out date, such as day tour projects and free invoice bookings, will not be displayed when searching through the return date.

  • New calendar function for dynamic booking of hotel or summer house

    A new calendar functions has been added which can be integrated into design templates for dynamic booking of hotel and summer house.

    calendar booking of hotel or summer house